Meet the source of the Inca culture.

PERÚ is a country with varied turistic attractions because of their culture, geographical regions, rich history and cuisine.

Tourism in Peru becomes the third largest industry in the nation, behind fishing and mining. Tourism is directed towards archeological monuments, it has more than one hundred thousand archaeological sites, ecotourism in the Peruvian Amazon, cultural tourism in colonial cities, gastronomic tourism, adventure tourism and tourism playa. According to a Peruvian government study, the rate of satisfaction of tourists after visiting Peru is 94%. It is the fastest growing industry in Peru, grew annually at a rate of 25% in the last five years, with the highest growth rate of any country in South America. The most popular countries of origin of the tourists are the United States, Chile, Argentina, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Canada and Italy.

There are lots of turistic destinies in peruvian cities like:

- Amazonas
- Ancash
- Apurímac
- Arequipa
- Ayacucho
- Cajamarca
- Cusco*
- Huancavelica
- Huánuco
- Ica
- La Libertad
- Lambayeque
- Lima

* Machu Picchu (one of the 7 modern marvels of the world) is located in Cusco.

Some beautiful places

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